Rabu, 14 November 2012

Born To Beat

Another Kpop group i just fall in ..
"BToB "_their song really great ..especially ' Insane' and ' WoW '
Even though they are new Kpop group but their song really fun to hear it ..

" You make me insane
    she gives me so much pain
    i wont be back again..ohh yeaah yeah.."

" Wow.."

Isnin, 12 November 2012

Like Them So Much..

Now this is Kpop trend..
Everything is about kpop ..
Ahh .. i almost crazy about this ..
Which kpop group do you like ?
To me there are a lot kpop group i love so much ..
When i think, i see, this is driving me crazy..

" handsome guy boy band ..
sorry sorry, mr.simple, spy , dont don
sexy,free and single ... "
 _oppa oppa_


 Wow fantastic baby ..
they all born to seduce many girls in the 
world ..
" Bingu TOP ..-_-
GD, Daesung , Seung Ri , Tae Yang "

Their song " A Song Calling For You "
is my fovourite ..
" Love Like This "
" Because I'm Stupid "
" U R Man "
* Heo Young Saeng + Kim Hyun Joong *

p/s Really miss Ji Hoo sunbae F4 !!

" Hong Ki, Min Hwan, Jae Jin, Seung Hyun, Choi Jong Hoon "
 * Nappeun yeojaya *


Ahad, 11 November 2012

우리 삶의 문제가없는 자 ..

Live as human beings in this world is very tiring ..
It's very difficult -_- 
Very heavy responsibility entrusted ..
But as a Muslim  let's us tawakkal to Allah because there is no biggest awards than Lailahaillallah ..Love Allah , Love Muhammad ..